Why FIXED? What is FIXED’s Ecological Rewards? Your BEST option among yielding protocols(Day2)

Fixed-Rate Protocol
2 min readMar 12, 2021


Here comes the newest update for Fixed.finance’s launch!!!
1. Deposit function and fixed rate interest; (Live on March 12th 20:00 SGT.)
2. Deposit earns $FIX rewards; (Live on March 12th 20:00 SGT.)
3. Stake Mdex.com’s FIX-USDT LP token earns $FIX reward; (Live on March 12th 20:00 SGT.)
4. Stake $FIX earns $USDT; (Live on March 12th 20:00 SGT.)
5. Purchase floating-rate bonds earns $FIX rewards;(Coming soon!!!Need a bit more time for optimal experience)

Here and now, we would like to present the Ecological (EXTRA!!!) Rewards for deposit at Fixed.finance. intending to provide more liquidity for our users while they deposit at FIXED, we offer an Ecological Rewards (mostly 30% of original reward, up to 40%-90% depend on various tokens) besides regular fixed rate interest and $FIX rewards. On anther hand, we will consider withdraw as leaving FIXED’s Eco temporarily, thus we will collect Ecological Rewards while withdrawing. Retrieved Ecological Rewards will be stored in FIXED’s Governance Treasury which will be used as incentive rewards for LP token mining and DAO governance.The mechanism of Ecological Rewards empowers the vitality and sustainability for Fixed.finance which will thrive the entire ecosystem continuously.

Furthermore, we have updated more details (such as Audit Report and related smart contract addresses) about Fixed.finance in our Whitebook, feel free to check it out and enjoy your fixed-rate incredible earnings.

Fixed.finance.FIX Token Contract:0xDe9495De889996404b14dDBf05f66Db7401F0733
Developer Timelock:0xd631a97421a2b098AE872Df24A83314cedc5985E
Investor Timelock:0x4B110568a6422553DC49Af0de44a0e770B018e32
Operation Funds:0x964F8A42FBa4BC19A4fEdeD6Aea7Dc82ED8f592b
Governance Treasury:0xfe07483d7D9D36c0E6c969D75B8ABC247740E805
Developer Treasury:0x07e447978b8a24a0E503F1BB3F8B5225fb0C7407
LP Rewards pool:0x054583e92638a4924D7bb4b211bF4582c335C1D4
FIX staking Rewards pool:0x07BA877C436D0b522AFd8448bBa1aFBadab7aE42



Fixed-Rate Protocol

A fixed-rate yield-generation protocol.