Why FIXED? How to earn $FIX? Your BEST option among yielding protocols(Day1)

Fixed-Rate Protocol
2 min readMar 11, 2021


Firstly, we are soooooo grateful to all participants and followers for Fixed.finance! Fixed Team is moving forward for the preparations of online website.

Surprisingly, in together, we have achieved incredible outcomes yesterday. The IDO private pool had reach 100% within 20 seconds (totally filled up before we click refresh the page), and the public pool had overrasied with 184559% which raised over 76 million dollars in total. Currently, $FIX‘s quoted price up to $60 which had increase 600% since IDO subs. Undoubtedly, the accomplishments are inseparable from support and encouragement of our loyal users. Our team has already acknowledged the responsibility to community is serios and heavy, thus we have to build the entire project with a long-term attitude.

Today, we would like to introduce a highlights mechanism for FIXED — Deposit yields $FIX.

All of our distinguished participants will be rewarded by $FIX when they deposit an asset at Fixed.finance. The difference between Fixed.finance and other yield farming project is that FIXED’s rewards will be vested within 3–7days linearly. We strongly believe that released (cooldown time) mechanism will lead to a sustainable development of FIXED ecosystem which reduced the pressure of selling off and guaranteed the total liquidity of market eventually.

Lastly, we appreciate the patience and rational of all of you for the price of $FIX, and we encourage everyone to discover more about FIXED world and your fixed earnings.

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Fixed-Rate Protocol

A fixed-rate yield-generation protocol.