Why FIXED? Few answers about FIXED you might want to know(Day3)

Fixed-Rate Protocol
2 min readMar 22, 2021

1. What is the internal value for FIXED?

Unlikely to a vault or a lending protocol which depend their yielding on markets with fluctuations, FIXED is a low-risk stable yielding product which similar to a bonded financial product in any financial system.

Actually, we will regard FIXED as a Solid Bridge between DeFi and others.

For our users, FIXED dedicated to provide a user-friendly product to reduce the risk for joining DeFi’s world (we still working on our product to make it more user-friendly) and to become a pivot between traditional centralized finance and decentralized finance.

For entire DeFi ecosystem, FIXED will inbound and redirect more stable funds to other lending protocols (currently we support 3 HECO’s protocol and more for future). The users and funds from FIXED more likely to pursuit long-term stable earnings, which might in an opposite group to current vault users.

On another hand, FIXED is also a bridge between users and DeFi product. Our user able to interact with optimal yielding product on FIXED, and deposit into the product directly from FIXED without floating risk. We believe FIXED will be a long-term product which accompany with excavation of value and thriving of ecosystem.

2. What is ecological rewards? why ecological rewards have to be returned while withdraw?

The mechanism of ecological rewards triggered a hot debate between our team which we finally decided to give it a shot.

· Deposit, as an construction of FIXED’s ecosystem, indeed, have to be rewarded. In order to incent our users to provide liquidity to our deposit pool (without gratuitous loss), we reward ecological rewards for depositing and stake $FIX earns USDT rewards will also prevent our users from gratuitous loss.

· Withdraw, as extract funds from FIXED’s ecosystem, have to return additional ecological rewards to prevent $FIX from inflation which might cause by over minted of $FIX and influence the stability of our ecosystem.

In conclusion, FIXED will inflate while more deposit coming which indicate the thriving of entire FIXED ecosystem and deflate while fund withdrawing to keep the stability mechanically. We hope to convey the concept and function for ecological rewards to everyone in a plain speaking.

3. Why fixed-rate savings?

As our name, we devote to provide a stable fixed-rate interest instead of floating-rate which is unpredictable and insecure for our users which also provide a risk-hedged opportunity for floating-rate market.

· If market interest is falling, FIXED is able to locked and guarantee the yielding in deposit period.

· If market interest is rising, FIXED also provide bonds(live on next week) to accelerate the ROI in a tiny cost.

Lastly, we appreciate the valuable suggestion from our community recently and we also grateful to the confidence and solicitude from our loyal users. FIXED will make sure to go to the extra mile on every single day and enhance every aspect of our product and service.